Sunday, May 6, 2012

Listen Up!

There is a little poll on my sidebar questioning you lovely readers about what sort of posts you'd like to see more of on RW&OT. All are things I have a passion for and love to write about, but I'd like to take your opinions into consideration as well. So please, go vote! I'd appreciate it. 

I am opening up for more sponsor-swap opportunities. I have one "Large" spot left and four "small" spots. The sizes are as follows:

This is "Swap" only - I'm not at a place where I'm comfortable charging for sponsorship. Swaps will be good for thirty days with the possibility of renewal. I offer my sponsors large ads and very little visual competition (absolute maximum of ten sponsors per month) and the ads are constantly rotating to offer the sponsor maximum exposure.  Please email me if interested!

Attention bloggers/shop owners with products or services to sell!
I would like to have a *huge* giveaway when I reach 500 followers, set up in a way that will draw all participants exposure, traffic and interest. Please send me an email if you'd like to discuss options, I would love to chat with you!

Happy Sunday!


Maria said...

Good luck with all the things you have coming soon!

Alex Butts said...

You know I love the travel stuff. But recipes too. I mean I voted for travel, but I wanted to let you know I love the recipes too!

Sierra said...

I would love to do a Button "Sponsor" Swap. I am in no position to start charging yet, but I can do a swap with you and put it on my main page rather than my button swap page. Does that make sense? Haha

lilywanderlust said...

I'm definitely interested in doing a swap, something I've been meaning to add to my blog for a while...

Betsy said...

I've just started swapping - would love to!


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