Friday, May 18, 2012

Dreaming of Malta

I am getting way ahead of myself.
I won't be in Malta for another week - but until then I'll dream of roaming the streets in a panama hat and cute wedges, eating Maltese food and falling even more madly in love with my husband.
I'll dream of crystal blue waters, warm weather (Please be warm, weather!) and rain-free skies.

Tell me, friends:
What's your ideal outfit for a warm-weather vacation? For the daytime? Nighttime? At the beach? Do share!


Laura said...

I love that minty one-piece! I need a one piece badly as all I have are bikinis and I've been seeing how gorgeous the one-pieces look on others. As for my outfit, it's definitely a white crocheted maxi dress with a straw hat. I'll make this outfit a reality soon enough ;)

wildchild said...

you lucky duck! malta seems so glamorous. my ideal warm weather outfit is always a sundress and some wedges. then switch it on over to a bright bikini for the beach. i'm so pumped for my honeymoon in the Dominican Republic in July, but first to go shopping for it!

Megan said...

girl id enjoy anywhereeeee warm these days. it is still like winterish in norway (well winter where i come from!) wishing i could tote myself to malta with you :(

as for beach gear, i like a cute little dress or a pair of rugged denim with a white oversized bohemian top and brown sandals :) i miss growing up by the ocean

Alex Butts said...

holy god of awesome - did not realize you were going to Malta, that's going to be amazing!!

Sara Louise said...

I can't wait to hear what you think about Malta, my husband and I have been talking about going for awhile now but I wasn't sure if it's a must-see or not so I'm anxious to know :)

Sara Louise said...

I can't wait to hear what you think about Malta, my husband and I have been talking about going for awhile now but I wasn't sure if it's a must-see or not so I'm anxious to know :)

personal investing said...

Malta seem a an interesting country to visit. You just gave me an idea. Actually i am contemplating of going to Morocco but Malta seems too irresistible.

Anonymous said...

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