Friday, May 25, 2012

Christmas in July!

Hey friends! I'm happy to announce the exciting gift exchange I'm hosting with Alyx and Cecilia!

Be sure to come back to my blog on Monday! There will be a form you can fill out to register. This form will be on all three of our blogs but you only need to enter your information on one of them. At the end of June you will be contacted and informed about who you're paired up with, and gifts will be exchanged in July!

The budget for the gifts is between $10 and $20 (Or equivalent - we love handmade things here!) and we will be careful to pair you up with someone who lives on the same continent in an effort to keep shipping costs nice and low.

Who doesn't love the opportunity to make new friends? And I mean, presents? We all love presents.

Come back on Monday to register and get more details!

BTW, I'm literally about to leave for the airport for:

Blogging will be on the DL the next couple of days
but don't worry, you'll be sure to get the full report. 


Katrin said...

I love the idea so much and I can't wait! So exciting! Thanks for hosting!
Have a great time, Daryl!

Elisha(: said...

cant waiittt!! I love love gift exchanges!! I just hope I get on blogger on Monday!! :P yes. I will.

p.s. Malta.. looks amazing. jealousss.


Baylee said...

Excited for the giveaway! Currently entered in one and just sent my gift out on the 23rd.. waiting to receive mine or even get word my blogger got her gift! Malta looks beautiful!! Have a blast!

emily @ anna delores said...

I'm SO JEALOUS about your trip to Malta! And how FUN with Christmas in July, I'll be back to sign up! :) Have a great trip, Daryl!

Jenny said...

Ooooh, I am SO going to do this, I can't wait...have fun in Malta, I am super jealous!!!
Modern Modest Beauty

Kim @ said...

yay! cant wait for christmas in july! also, SO JEALOUS about Malta!! Have the best time!


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