Tuesday, April 3, 2012

What (And How!) to Pack for a Trip




Greetings, World!

As you read this I am probably somewhere high over the Atlantic ocean, making the excruciatingly long trip from Frankfurt to Los Angeles!  I am pretty satisfied with my packing job this time so I’d thought I’d share what I know with you. I’ve learned a lot through trial and error about packing – whether it’s under packing for a long trip or over packing for a short one, you can bet I’ve done it.  That’s another good thing about having the opportunity to travel often – I have a lot of room to learn from my mistakes. So, my friends, this is what I know about packing for a trip:

1. Back to the Basics
The little black dress, a favorite top, a fabulous pair of slacks…these items are very interchangeable and can be worn many different ways. Translation: basics are your best friend when you’re on vacation.

2. Roll it up!

I’ve done everything from vacuum sealing all my clothes in space bags to just haphazardly throwing my clothes in and zipping my bag shut, but nothing is more effective than rolling each article of clothing into a neat little roll. Not only does this allow for MUCH more space, it also keeps your bag organized and mess-free. Some clothing shouldn’t be rolled, such as certain blazers or skirts – so simply lay those items flat on top of everything else before you shut your suitcase.

3. Be Practical and Versatile
When packing my pants for the trip, I selected a pair of boot cut jeans, a pair of skinnies and two pairs of cropped trousers (one in mint and one in pink!) Each pair of pants is different and will suit a different look/style, which gives my vacation wardrobe much needed versatility. Sure, I have several more pairs of jeans, but I recognize that I don’t need to take them all with me. This is where practicality comes in. When packing for a trip, less really is more so use your judgment when deciding what to bring and what to leave behind.

4. Accessories Galore!
Wear your LBD with pumps and statement jewelry one day, and then switch it up with a scarf, tights, and boots for an entirely new outfit. Use accessories to create new looks using the same basic pieces.

5. Layers, Layers, Layers
Cardigans, vests, jackets, even ponchos – added layers not only help you create different looks, it will prepare you for any type of weather you’ll experience on your trip!


Shown above:
Two Pairs Jeans
Two Pairs Cropped Trousers
Three Blouses
Thee Casual Tees
Three Dresses
One Skirt
Two Pairs of Pajamas
Two exercise outfits
Two Swimsuits
Three Belts
One Scarf
Two Blazers
One pair of heels
Two pairs of flats
One pair of sandals
One pair of sneakers
One Denim Jacket
One Hat


Thanks to my nifty rolling technique, all of that fits into one standard sized suitcase with lots of room to spare!

Happy Travels!


Jenny-O said...

Oh my goodness!!!! I roll my clothes too!!! Everyone always looked at me funny when doing it but it absolutely works! I've turned a few people onto it too! :) Thanks for the great tips and enjoy your time in the good old USofA! I'm excited to head back in July, too!

The Adventurer said...

You're a packing genius!! Thank you for solving most of my problems hahaha

Valerie said...

Agree - rolling is the way to go! I'm a notorious overpacker too, so it helps me get all those extra clothes I totally don't need in :)

Caitlin Postal said...

Rolling clothes is the best way to pack! I might actually refer to this list when it comes time to pack for my semester abroad. I'm going to have approximately 1-2 weeks' worth of clothing for FIVE MONTHS. Eep!

Izy Berry said...

You're missing Ziplock bags. Seriously. Roll and put them in there - keeps things so tidy and it's a great way to keep your dirty clothes separate from your clean. Also, ziplock your shoes, giiiirl.

Barbara said...

Sooo with you on the layers! It's the only way to go

Annabelle said...

Just found your blog and love it :)

Plus you're totally right about rolling clothes. I do it too and it leaves so. much. space!

Emma Frances said...

That is impressive! I always need packing tips so thank you!! Haha.

Alex Butts said...

can you just come pack me for my next trip? im that person that has to weigh their suitcase before the airport everytime...

Rudy said...

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Tamara said...


Lena said...

I. love. standard sized suitcases. Carryon is the best thing to happen to world travel since airplanes. And I must say that I'm super impressed with how much your fit into your standard suitcases. Mad props.


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