Saturday, April 14, 2012










1. Roses from my best friend’s garden
2. Raspberry Sorbet from Melt Gelato Café
3. Old movie theater in Ventura, CA
4. Vintage California license plate – in antique store
5. Americana trinkets – in antique store
6. Owl statues – in antique store
7. My mother’s peonies

I hope you all have a beautiful weekend!
It’s half past five and I’m finally off to bed.


Elisha(: said...

that 2nd one looks nummmy!!

Jessie said...

i love all of these pictures! especially the ones of the little owl and the baking powder.


Chalk in the Rain said...

LOVE peonies, i'm planning on planting some this year! you photography is amazing! :)
New follower!
come check out my blog @

Madeline Grace said...

I love peonies and your mothers are just beautiful! It looks like you are having such a great time in Cali!

Nikki @ The Ginger Diaries said...

Ca-li-fornia girls they're undeniable, fine, fresh, fierce you got in on lock. West coast represent now put your hands up. YEAH! Okay, I'm beeing weird now, haha. Those peonies are SO pretty! x

Jenni Austria Germany said...

your photography is oh-so-spiffy!

Autumn said...

Those peonies are unreal! I had them in my wedding bouquet and they were by far my favorite flower soft and they smell so good!

Alivia said...

Beautiful photos here, girl!

Allie said...

Love these pictures! Stunning! Especially the owl :)

Megan said...

that sorbet is making my mouth water daryl!

and im jealous you're in the US :) id give anything for a ticket home now!

Cerena said...

These are so beautiful - I especially love the owls.


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