Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunday Confessions

Today I decided to link up with my dear friend Alyx, after realizing that I read her confessions every week but have never posted my own. Here goes!
Sunday Confessions
1. I’ve been going to bed at 9 PM every night this week. My body is a sleep-a-holic to a ridiculous degree. If I don’t get at least 8 hours, I’ll be dying for a nap halfway through the day. I guess the early rising and the working out is a recipe for a grandma like sleeping schedule.

life is too short to learn german
2. I don’t speak enough German. It would help if my husband’s English wasn’t perfect, but it is. The result of this is that we rarely speak German to each other. I work for an American family so English is spoken 90% of the day. The most exposed I am to German is when I’m running errands or doing Yoga. I really should put forth more effort to learn, but I don’t!


3. I am addicted to traveling in the worst way. I spend a significant amount of time each day searching for cheap flights and trains and busses and hotels….anywhere. I have travel itineraries written for several different cities even though I’m not sure when or if I’ll go. I have a personalized map on Google maps where I add little markers to where I’ve been and where I need to go. I am, in a word, obsessed.

4. Speaking of obsessions, my online shopping is becoming a bit of a problem. I don’t buy anything, but those beautiful items are just sitting in my shopping cart…waiting…

5. I am a lazy bum. I hate cleaning our apartment, and really it only happens after it gets so messy cleaning is a necessity. My husband is equally lazy in this department. So please, if you want to come over for a visit I’m gonna need some advanced notice so I can run around like a crazy person and make it look like we’re actually civilized human beings before you arrive.
That’s it for this week. There are several more things I could confess, but I’d rather you not judge me!


Kelli Diane said...

this is fun :) I wish I could go to sleep at 9!!! And I also share your love for Travel! I wish I could do more of it :) Happy Sunday!

Kaity said...

I'm with you on the sleeping. I need a solid 10 hours to fully function throughout the day! These days I'm in bed by 9/10 and up by 6/7. I have no idea what is happening to me! Haha

Nikki @ The Ginger Diaries said...

The best part about speaking Dutch is that it sounds a lot like German and I can actually speak Dutch to a German person, and he can speak German to me and we still understand about 75% of what we say to each other :D That came in handy last week when I was in Koblenz, haha!

And I am the same when it comes to travelling. On the citytrip list: Budapest, Istanbul, Kopenhagen, Edinburgh, Vienna and Salzburg. On the country-list: Ireland, Schotland, Norway, Australia America and Canada. And I could go on!

xo Nikki

Nikskie said...

i totally need a new sleeping schedule! i kind of having that rule. sleep for 8 hours. not less, but more is acceptable

Megan said...

i completely get you with the speaking german thing...its like that with me and norwegian. i told my boyfriend i wouldnt speak to him unless he spoke norwegian to me. and i meant it! he started to then :)

and i look up prices for flights daily too. youre not the only one :) which clearly indicates we need a joint trip once i find out more about time off at my job.

Amy said...

this is awesome! :P Love your posts! Great Confessions!

Gentri said...

haha! I AM that picture so often! Especially when blogging, I'll be starving but won't get up to eat until I'm finished, and then I'm dead.

Rachel Emma (Daydream Frenzy) said...

I've also been going to bed early recently! My body has just been craving sleep like crazy. I blame school!


Jillian Nicole said...

Haha, I'm totally with you on the hating cleaning thing! It's the worst and we do exactly what you guys do--when we hear people are coming over we run around like a pair of chickens with our heads cut off trying to make a very untidy house look tidy!

Alyx said...

Thanks for linking up, yo.
And dude. My sleeping patterns are all sorts of messed up.
I would pretty much kill to be able to go to a gym or just to exercise in general, so be grateful that at least you've got that going for you!
And about the cleaning thing... you should have seen our apartment after we both had the flu for a week - it looked like a tornado had come through!

Dearest Lou said...

Hey thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. I love Sunday confessions. I don't know if you read my about me but you and my husband have the same name and it's spelt the same :P Your blog is darling I'm about to stalk it. Be sure to keep in touch<3


kimberly rae said...

love these confessions! i can relate so much! especially about going to sleep early, and the travel bug .. and the lazy thing! hahah! oh, and online shopping! i put everything in my cart and then dont buy it. ahhhh, i would be so much richer if it weren't for the internet! im totally unhappy if i dont have a trip planned to look forward to! (next trip: florida in april!)

have a great day!

alex butts said...

oh how I so feel your pain on the German learning - and I'd love to see your google map - I have one too and I think it's just the best way to keep track of everything!


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