Thursday, March 29, 2012



We all have quirks. Little things about us we can’t control. Today, I’ll tell you some of mine on the condition that you’ll share yours in the comments and we can laugh and have bonding moments.



1. As a child I used to walk on my tippytoes, all the time. It looked weird. I don’t do that anymore but sometimes I catch myself standing on my tiptoes while waiting in lines.

2. I can not sit pretzel style. I can not do it. My hips do not work that way, much to the amusement of my yoga instructors.

3. I like to drop things. Phone, wallet, ceramic dishware, you name it and I’ve dropped it.

4. I listen to music when out on my runs. When waiting to cross streets, I sometimes dance enthusiastically to the music when I think no one is watching. I have been caught on numerous occasions doing so.

5. In addition to dropping things, I also like to trip over things, bump into things, and lose my balance in general.

6. When I was a young girl my favorite “toy” was a Pocahontas shaped shampoo bottle. No really. It was like a doll but I could wash my hair with it.

8. Sometimes I’ll be thinking about embarrassing moments I’ve had while in public places (i.e. train, super market,) and I’ll make an “ugh!” sound in response to my thoughts, and then people stare at me and I’ve added another embarrassing moment to my list.

9. One of my recurring dreams involves a quartet of singing Siberian huskies. They are in a secret dog mafia and try to kill me in every dream. The sad thing is, while I’m in the dream I’m actually genuinely terrified – it’s only when I wake up that I realize how ridiculous it is.

10. I sing. All the time. Especially when doing chores. When my husband went out to take the trash out, he came back into the apartment and reported that he could hear me all the way down three flights of stairs when you just walk into the apartment building…guess I’ve been performing for the neighbors all this time. Whoops.

So now it’s your turn. What are your quirks?


Mel said...

Oh I'm totally down the trip and let slip lane.

I also like to drop my food while it's on the way to my mouth. really, it happens all the time and my boyfriend always makes fun of me. I find it extremely embarrassing and I just don't know why it happens all the time.

Some people sing under the shower. I like to dance. :) seriously When I'm alone in the bathroom taking a shower or getting ready for bed my bathroom becomes my dance floor. haha.

I do not like hot feet. I like to have my feet cool or cold if possible. I get circulation problems when my feet get to hot.

on the weird opposite though, I have a extremely sensitive throat and always wear a scarf.... always! sometimes even in bed.

(and this is probably the strangest thing about me)
I sleep with a fan. no matter what weather ^^ I always have the fan running at night. I wake SO easy! For some reason, keeping a fan running makes me sleep like a baby. ^^

I'm weird

Elisha(: said...

O.M.G. soooo that picture of youu is freaking adorable!!

and I did #1 toooo!! :P and hun?? I too do #5 as well. (; :P

Larissa Tenorio said...

I sleep with socks on, no matter the weather. My brother thinks i'm nuts.

When I was little, I too did something with my feet. Foot actually, I'd always bend the right one at the ankle. Sometimes I still catch myself doing it absentmindedly in front of everybody while holding a church meeting. Oops.

Aidyl Ewoh said...

This is fun =) I just posted random things about myself at my blog. Now for quirks?

1. I’ve always loved swinging (like on a swing set… Weird… I know, I know…). Especially when something exciting happens. My first thought is always “I wanna go swing!”

2. I have this urge to ask everyone what their middle name is.

3. I’ve never liked being ‘average’ If my sister wanted to keep me from doing something when I was younger, all she’d have to do was tell me “Everyone does it” and I would make it my goal in life to not do it. Like when I was around 4 I got a cloth doll that wasn’t a baby doll, just a doll. Instead of me being it’s mom I decided she would be my Mommy. Yep, and I was four at the time…

4. I talk and gesture to myself all the time.

So, there’s my list.


Natasha said...

Hi, Daryl!
Just found your blog and LOVE it so far :)

ummm, ok, quirks:

- I still don't have my driver's license and I'm 26! Grew up in a big city and didn't need to drive, went away for college and didn't have a car, then lived overseas for 3 years.

- I am SO grossed out by eating spines of lettuce if they aren't covered in dressing. They majorly trigger my gag reflex. I feel nauseous just thinking about them now! ha

- Watching TV with the lights off is the worst feeling to me. gross!

I was just reading a bit of your blog and we have a lot in common! I also met my husband while we were both living overseas (in South Korea). Isn't it wonderful finding the love of your life in the most unexpected places?

paper crowns

Lauren Vaughan said...

ummm...quirks of mine?
i tend to stand in tree pose when i' talking to people.
2. i have to apply lip gloss before i go to bed. like, i can't sleep otherwise.
3. i doodle all over my arms and legs constantly

{Just} Sara said...

i love this list!! i always catch myself standing on my tiptoes. oh the things we do:)


Sienna said...

I love this. I love when people admit there quirks in an endearing sort of way. mine? hm. i eat breakfast three meals a day

Lil' Bit and Nan said...

1. I hunch. It's disgusting and I don't know I am doing it.
2. The bottom of my ribs meet the top of my hip bone, making it impossible for me to have an actual waistline.
3. I tune out so quickly. I look like I am listening, but am actually blank inside.
4. I am tone-deaf. Thanks to constant ear infections. Which also left me deaf in my right ear.
5. I frown in my sleep.
6. I am constantly thirsty.
7. I own more cloths than I should, but have the hardest time putting a decent outfit together.

Tiffany said...

I used to walk on my tip toes all the time when I was a kid! My parents used to yell at me. Someone told me that it was because I had short hamstrings. I think it helps me walk in heels though!


Hannah said...

Hahaha, we are so alike!!! I also stand on my tippy toes, sing all the time, and dance in public when I think no one is watching. (I've been caught, too!)

Courtney B said...

Ok, WHY do kids walk on their tippy toes? Sometimes when I put lotion on my feet I walk around on my tip toes until it has soaked in and my feet KILL me after that! It is hard work, ha ha!
My hubs won't buy me an iPhone because I drop my stupid droid multiple times a day. Dang.


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