Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Oh, America


The things you do to me.

Photos courtesy of Matt Grashaw in Malibu, California circa 2009

Despite the fact that I spent the bigger part of my young life growing up in New York, I always respond “California” when asked where I’m from. It is sunny, warm, beautiful southern California where I met my best friends, found my faith, and figured out who I was and who I wanted to be. As time went on I lost my accent (The word Hahr-ible become horrible, doowug became dog, etc;;, ) purchased more and more open toed shoes, and developed a burning desire to spend all of my free time feeling the sun on my face and sand between my toes.

Those pictures above represent a gorgeously simple time in my life, when friends were near to me and our most difficult life decisions included (but were not limited to) choosing whether to go to Venice or Zuma beach, to eat Mexican or Sushi, or deciding which dress at Forever 21 best complimented our tans. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad my friends and I have progressed to a higher level of emotional maturity, but it’s normal to be nostalgic – right? I sure hope so, else there would be a whole lot of abnormality going on over here.

La Conchita, California

I suppose this is an appropriate time to announce that, next week, I’m headed to America for a visit! I will be spending two weeks in my home state. I had originally planned to throw together some sort of backpacking trip through a couple countries during the time I had off of work, but when I was telling my mom about my plans she asked me “Why don’t you just come visit us at home during your break?” as if it was that easy. Well, special thanks to frequent flier miles – apparently it is!

I’ve decided to put together a list of all the things I plan on doing during my two week stay in the United States. Are you ready? You better be!!


1. Eat at In-n-out burger. As soon as I get off of the plane.
2. Eat Mexican food. Also as soon as I get off of the plane. In fact, I’ll have my burger in one hand and a taco in the other. Do not judge.
3. Ride bikes in Santa Barbara
4. Utilize the incredible and wonderful thing that is thrift store shopping.
5. Get lavender lemonade at Zoey’s Café.
6. Eat Fish and Chips at Andrea’s in Ventura
7. Overdose on Vitamin D by soaking in as much sun as humanly possible.
8. Spend several hours at the beach on several different days
9. Feel slightly unsafe and yet incredibly satisfied at Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles
10. Go hiking
11. Eat sushi at an actual reasonable price!
12. Costco pizza. Enough said.
13. Watch movies. In a movie theater. In ENGLISH.
14. Eat more Mexican food. And more In-n-out. And more Mexican food.
15. Enjoy and soak up every beautiful moment in this fantastic place!

Santa Paula, California – 2010


Brittany Campbell said...

Your list sounds pretty much exactly what my list is going to be! Thats so great! Savor that in n out and mexican for me!

Kylie said...

That sounds like a dream vacation to me! Glad you get to come home for a little while :) I can hardly wait until our trip to San Diego in May.

Nikki @ The Ginger Diaries said...

As soon as I ever set foor on American grounds I'll start the hunt for the nearest thriftshop too. I want more of those on our side of the ocean!! You are having a little bit of home sickness, aren't you? aw, have you made any plans to visit again yet? I really hope you can go over there lots and lots and LOTS of times in all the years to come! x

Nicole Marie said...

i am doing almost every single one of these when i get back to CA. ESPECIALLY 1 and 2, 14, 12, and 11.. you know the food ones

Amber and Scott said...

This post made my heart ache at the beauty that is California --and I'm there already! You should know it's been ridiculously rainy lately, though, even in SoCal ...

Anna said...

haha I love costco pizza too. :) Basically, the whole list rocks.

Autumn said...

I had never thought about thrift store shopping not happening so much over seas. I'm just grateful to move out of Utah so we can have ones that aren't picked over :)

We don't have a cosco membership, but we have a Sam's club one. We love the pizza there!

Mel said...

I am one jelous girl right now. It's been 11 years since I last was in the states. I am so longing for it......but unfortunatly...Im glad when I can afford the rent.

Hope you have a wonderful wonderful trip!

Alex Butts said...

Ah I bet you are excited beyond belief - stoked for you and eat an extra couple tacos for me :)

And howww do I get this photographer to come shoot my entire life, love those photos!

Ashley Anderson said...

So.... I dare you to stop in SLC, kidnap me, and take me home with you... okay? Cool ;)



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