Sunday, March 4, 2012

A Little Taste of Home

Yesterday evening we went to a local bowling alley for a friend's birthday.
I'm not a huge fan of bowling, but I had the best time.
It was just like America. There were pictures of American landmarks all around. There were coca cola signs.
We ate spicy buffalo wings. We drank giant sodas.
They gave us a giant bottle of ketchup and we could use as much as we wanted without paying for it. 
Do you understand how completely MONUMENTAL that is for Europe? I'm serious people, you have to pay thirty euro cents for a packet of ketchup at a McDonalds here. My first time in McDonalds I actually was quite angry, as I had always previously believed that ketchup was a basic human right and I should be able to pump myself as many tiny paper cups of the stuff as I want.
First world problems.


The refills were still not free.
We're working on that. 

Oh, and the American flag napkins?
Be still my heart. 


eef said...

fun! yeah, i remember being so annoyed about having to pay for ketchup packets! and trying to make a tiny soda last my entire meal... lol

Hannah said...

Awesome! I'm so glad you got a taste of home. :)

Kylie said...

Yay for ketchup! Glad you got to feel a little piece of home :) Now I want french fries.

alex [ ifs ands & butts ] said...

Ha I had no idea bowling was so closely associated with the USA. I think I may go bowling soon just for those wings!

Carlie said...

haha that is awesome that they have an American-themed eatery there!

Karm said...

haha oh dear.
just reading that made me not want to go outside the US now... haha
But I am super happy you had all the ketchup you wanted (:

Kimmy Bird said...

Ketchup should be a basic human right! I once lived in Russia where it was more expensive to buy a packet of ketchup at McDonald's than a bus ticket back home! It made no sense then, and I am still baffled. Looks like you had a blast! :)

Megan said...


Lena said...

Free refills and ice ... you can do it, Europe! And girl, I'm so happy for you. Homesickness can definitely be rough [even if you're completely happy/content where you are]. A party like this? The perfect remedy.

P.S. I nominated Roots, Wing, and Other Things for a little award. Just wanted to spread you some love from America:)

kimberly rae said...

lol, love this! when i travel to central america i hate the ketchup - its sweet, no salt - so the second time i went there to live for the summer i brought my own bottle, carried it around in my purse, and busted it out at restaurants! hahaha! no shame!

Valerie said...

agreed...ketchup = inalienable
love this little american night you got to have! bowling and wings - people in other countries don't know what they're missing on those two counts!


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