Friday, March 2, 2012

Get Winter Out of Your Life!

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To me, my “fresh start” begins as winter snows melt away and spring sunshine takes up shop and stays a while. I know New Years is all about starting anew, but it’s hard for me to do that right in the middle of winter. When it’s cold I like to hibernate: lots of sleep, comfort food, and stretchy clothes – not exactly ideal for achieving some solid goals. Springtime, however, is always a welcome time of year in my book. The idea of being able to go outside in a dress and sandals (swoon!) and to enjoy flowers and sunshine once again…well, lets just say that gives me a lot more motivation to get organized and ready to take on the world.

Thus, March has become my down-with-winter-yuckiness month! It is all about de-cluttering, re-organizing, re-vamping and just plain improving myself and my environment! I figure if I’m going to be taking on these projects, why not invite my dear friends in the blog world to do the same? Then we can link up our posts about our spring cleaning adventures and offer moral support.

Here are some tasks I’ll be working on this month:
  • Completely re-organize my closet. Take inventory, donate unwanted items, and make a list of clothes desired for the spring season!
  • Create a new time-management system for the hubs and I. Create monthly and weekly schedules to keep our tasks organized.
  • Make chore charts to prevent daily tasks from building up.
  • Make new hair and skin care products for the spring season
  • Create an exercise plan to get this body beach-ready.
  • Decorate the apartment and complete those DIY’s I’ve been procrastinating on.
I hope you’ll join me in starting fresh this month! I’ll be talking about my closet re-vamp next Friday. If you’d like to link up your own organization experiences next week, be sure to stop by! I’d love to read what you’re doing to get ready for this wonderful season.

What are some of your spring cleaning rituals? 


Elisha(: said...

throwing out papers/letters that bring bad memories :P

and, dusting.

Renata said...

excuse me, did you just say MAKE new hair and skin products? share. now.

Noelani said...

I am all about organization and de-cluttering, so I am totally in with you on this one. ps - I can't wait for warmer weather either!

jessica said...

Love these ideas. I always do some spring cleaning with re-doing my closet and going through all of my bags/purses and throwing away the random stuff left in there from the last time I carried it. I need to work on that beach-bod motivation though! haha

Jessie said...

I love this idea! I feel the exact same way about not really being able to start fresh in the middle of winter. And loooord my closet need some major lovin' too. MAJOR.


Elizabeth and Kyle @ Love Is the Adventure said...

Totally agree. I feel like I finally wake up when March hits!

I'm definitely going to be redoing my closet, too. I have to get through finals here and then I'm thinking of tackling it over spring break in a couple weeks. I'm not an outfit-poster, generally, but I think I might do a bunch of shopping-my-own-closet-posts because I have so much and I've forgotten about a lot of it!

Thanks for the inspiration this morning! Can't wait to see your closet!

Alysha Doan said...

There's an article for organizing a home that I love love loved...I pinned it on my pinterest that's my project this spring! And we're doing a fundraiser for a boy in the neighborhood with DMD, including a yard sale...perfect timing, right?

Madeline Grace said...

What a wonderful idea! I think I'll do a few of these to help de-winterfy my townhouse! I think it is just what it needs! Some dusting, organizing, & decluttering is just what needs to happen! & maybe a few DIY!

<3 <3

Melanie Lea said...

What a great list! I'm really getting into the healthy thing right now. It's so easy to fall into the good food/don't care mindset when its cold. But this warm weather is begging me to go outside and do something active. Trying to get beach ready too!!

Good luck with your list! Can't wait to see your closet revamp!

Gaby said...

Great ideas! And I'm super impressed that you make your own hair and skin care products! Have you shared recipes before on your blog? In the spring I always find myself rearranging furniture and buying lots of fresh flowers. We're heading into fall though, but I could still use some organization :)


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