Thursday, March 8, 2012

Closet Organization Time! Get Winter Out of Your Life Part 2

1. Fabulously Organized Closet – Found Here
2. Vertical Shoe Rack – Found Here
3. Vertical Closet Organizer (Great for handbags!) – Found Here
4. Cute Canvas Storage Bin – Found Here
5. DIY Fabric Storage Bins – Found Here
6. Organized Closet Photo – Found Here

Confession of the day: I have never been very good at staying organized. Subsequently, my closet (or wardrobe, as people in Germany are strange and don’t build closets built into the walls) was kind of a disaster area. If I had a specific pair of shoes or socks or accessory in mind, sometimes I would have to go on a deep expedition within the piles of things that accumulated on the wardrobe floor, and more often than not I didn’t find what I was looking for.

With spring approaching, I knew it was time to purge and re-organize. This way I could take inventory of what I had and figure out what new clothes I want to buy for the new season! I learned a lot of things about myself along the way: I have an affinity for brown colored shoes (I have more brown shoes than all the other colored shoes combined!) and I have WAY more clothes than I thought I did.

Exhibit A:

This is what my bed looked like after I emptied my wardrobe out onto it. Yeah. Not pretty.
After filling up a trashbag (or two) I was able to turn that hot mess into…



When my closet had been buried it winter yuckiness, I didn’t realize how many good pieces I truly had! My first instinct when I go shopping is to go right towards the gorgeous dresses – but I realize now I have plenty of those! Instead I plan on directing my funds towards cute separates and accessories. Here’s a look I’d LOVE to have this spring:

Spring Fashion1

1. Tea Room Top by Modcloth
2. Pieces Camma Ring by Asos
3. Star Crossed Floral Skirt in Mist by Ruche
4. Smoothed by the Sea Necklace by Modcloth
5. Mature de Force Earrings by Modcloth
6. Glippa Bracelets by Asos
7. Sparkly toed flats by Jimmy Choo
8. Mint Green Bag by LuLu’s

Have you cleaned out your winter wardrobe yet???


Miss Samantha said...

i really love the colours in your spring picks! i would definitely add all of them to my wardrobe -- so pretty :) xx

Nikki @ The Ginger Diaries said...

I clean out my closet every other season. I hate to have things in there that are ripped, broken or too small. I'm a big fan of dresss too (I own 32!?) but am in desperate need of cute, pretty tops and skirts. Just like you, haha! xo Nikki

Alyx said...

I would totally clean out my closet if I had more than 1/4 of my wardrobe with me.

ashlyn williams said...

i keep trying to clean my closet but i am never satisfied! ha love your look.

xx :: ashlyn
let it be beautiful

eef said...

i need to clean out my closet--i lost weight and a lot of my clothes are too big. not so big that i feel okay about throwing them out though, it's like, if i were to gain 5 pounds they'd fit, but they're a little awkwardly large now... ugh. i want to throw everything out and start over--if only i were rich!

Ketrin Jones said...

very inspiring!! I am going to tackle my closets next week & get organized. In texas it is already pretty warm.. well not today, but it has been in the 80s. Need to move the shorts and tanks downstairs and the coats upstairs!!
I'll probably do before & after photos of the mess & organization.

umm & I need those flats. & that bag.. and that ring. okay all of it!

Have a great weekend :)

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Ahh I love that outfit!! So much!

I am horrible at organizing :( Good job!

Megan @ Lovely Happenings said...

Goodness, this makes me want spring even more. Love the pastels.

Jamie said...

I love organized closets. It inspires me!

Nicole Rene said...

Ahhh love the tips for closet organization! I am such a fan of organization bins & I hate a messy closet!!! Loving your Friday Fancies look too! What a cute purse! I really need more mint green in my life! :)

Have a great weekend!
Nicole Rene

Bedroom Wardrobe Supplier said...

Thanks for the useful tips on cleaning and organising your closet. Adding fitted sliding wardrobes can perhaps help in storing your other items.

Anonymous said...

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