Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Spring Fever


I have been ready for spring for weeks now. Winter has it’s good qualities, but I feel as though the magic of it sort of runs out after new years. After the holidays, winter starts to seem long and gray and bleak. I can almost taste springtime, it feels so close to me but not close enough to touch or feel. This could be the California girl in me talking, but I really miss warm weather. I miss the feeling of the sun on my face, of being able to wear light, flowing fabrics without the heavy coat and scarf and boots. I miss flowers, I miss birds chirping, I miss spring!

April, May & June can’t come soon enough. Until then, however, I’ll just have to look at pretty pictures to hold me over.




By the way, are you as absolutely in love with Ruche’s new lookbook as I am? It is as if they took all of my daydreams and put them all together in one beautiful place. I die.


Elisha(: said...

I loooovveeeee those pictures!!)

jessica said...

Love this springy pictures. I'm ready for it to be here ASAP! And yeah, I'm completely smitten with Ruche's new lookbook! It makes me want everything! haha

Alyx said...

Nooooo..... I never would have guessed that you were ready for spring!

... me too.

Maria said...

I am SO ready for spring. I'm in love with Ruche's new lookbook as well. It lets me daydream while I'm sitting at a desk at work.

Lil' Bit and Nan said...

I love these colors. So warm and inviting. Like you!

Megan said...

i am DYING for scared it will never come to scotland. lol

Elizabeth and Kyle @ Love Is the Adventure said...

Spring is like a dessert you think about during a really long, frustrating diet and then when you finally get it, all you can think is, why would ANYONE ever go on a diet? Can't wait for the warm spring rain and the flower buds and the smell of dirt and the bright colors!


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