Tuesday, February 21, 2012





This Weekend in Prague, I:

  • Had my first experience traveling with Eurolines, and international bus company that goes pretty much everywhere in Europe for much cheaper than trains do. Overall it was an extremely positive experience and I’ll be traveling with them again in the future!
  • Arrived in the city at 6 AM, lost and somewhat confused, but somehow managed to make it to the Charles Bridge to see the sun rise over the city.
  • Made fast friends with my four Australian “dorm-mates” and proceeded to spend the entire weekend adventuring with them and learning Aussie slang.



I also:

  • Learned that the Czech Republic’s four main food group’s seem to be: bread, meat, lard, and vinegar-soaked vegetables. It was awesome and worth every minute of heartburn.
  • Crinkled up my face in confusion when seeing people at the market eating lard on toast. I mean, what?!
  • Was ambushed by a parade of intoxicated, costumed Czech people and joined in the fun. The parade part, not the being intoxicated part.

And then we:

  • Impressed the masses with our mad dancing skills, way into the early daylight hours. We met an Irishman named Finbar (Kid you not) who gave us an “unofficial” walking tour of Prague which mostly sounded like this:
    “This bank is not Irish, don’t go there. This pub isn’t Irish, don’t go there. This pub is Irish but still don’t go there,” etc;, etc;
  • Walked across the Charles bridge at sunrise for the second time, and proceeded to continue our sleep-deprivation by watching Pulp Fiction at 7 AM.


You also can’t forget how we:

  • Developed an odd obsession with the “Astronomical Clock” guy, or the guy who plays the trumpet from the clock tower each hour. Something about the way he waved his long flowy sleeves…
  • Got overly excited when seeing the Astronomical Clock guy somewhere else and proceeded to convince him to let us try on his outfit. Still quite unsure of how this happened, but I have photo-evidence.
  • Went on a “Ghost & Legends” tour of Prague by night, which was by far the most bizarre and ridiculously terrible tour of all time, but somehow this only contributed to the awesomeness of it all.
  • Reached a state of complete awe when realizing that no matter where we were in the city of Prague, it looked like we were on the set of some kind of movie.
  • Completely and utterly fell in love with a city and a group of people in just a few days time.

Talk about one crazy whirlwind of a successful trip.
Loved every minute of it!



Bailey@Lost&Found said...

Sooo jealous! I'm dying to go to Prague! It's on the top of my list!!!

Megan said...

gorgeouuuuussssss. prague truly is a special place. it NEVER disappointing.

Gentri said...

My goodness. That is so not fair! haha! What an adventure! I want to go!!

jillian :: cornflake dreams. said...

yes yes and yes! we're going to prague on the last part of our honeymoon this july (first part is in paris!) expect yet another email from me :) xoxo

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot said...

Im so excited to meet you! Gentri sent me here because I just found out we are being stationed in Germany!!!!

Maria said...

This sounds so amazing (and eventful)! Glad to see you had fun!

Ana Magdalena said...

fun photos, it looks like you'd a great time!

withoutizy said...

Glad you had a great time, sorry I wasn't around.

You should try Student Agency. I much prefer them over Eurolines. They have little tv screens, wifi and offer you drinks! Yay!

Jenna said...

Prague has got to be the country in Europe that I most want to visit - it is very very high on my list. It looks stunning and anyone I know who has gone there only had great things to say about it :)

Love the picture with the clock guy's outfit!


L!$@ said...

Looks amazing! Go the Aussies! Represent :D What slang did you learn? I love teaching people random words!

Alex Butts said...

YOU TRIED ON ASTRONOMICAL CLOCK GUYS OUTFIT?!!!!!!!!!! Are you a real person? This rules!

And how did you luck out with Aussie dormmates? Always the best people to meet and travel with!

you can call me Liz said...

dang! Prague really IS like a movie set everywhere you look. must.go. great pics :)

Allison said...

Wow!! It sounds like you had such a blast!! So weird, I have a friend visiting Prague this week as well- such a small world! I think this city it nearing the top of my must-see list.


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