Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My Dream House, According to Pinterest.

Before I get started about the dreamhome, let me first show you all, via a low quality webcam photo, what I'm wearing today. Yes, I am inside. It is so cold the radiators are failing to keep me warm, so the coat and scarf have yet to come off. You can't see it very well in the photo, but I fashioned an "earwarmer" headband out of an old legwarmer stocking, so that I could keep my ears warm and show off my cute sock bun. I'll add a cute flower to it this week, I think. 

Okay, back to the dream house.

For those of you who don’t know, my husband studied carpentry in Germany for three years, long before he met me. He worked building houses and buildings. He’s an extremely handy guy who can build pretty much anything he sets his mind to build.

Before we were even married, Steven promised that one day he would build me my dream house.
Well…he promised, and I’m holding him to it! This won’t happen for ten or maybe twenty years, but one day we’ll live in a big beautiful house made especially for us, where our children and grandchildren can live and play and grow and be happy. The two of us have daydreamed about it quite a bit, and this is what we’ve come up with:

  German Half Timbered Style with stone, red brick, and a more modern design.

Just to clarify, this house will be in America. I love Germany and it will always be dear to me, but when it comes time to actually put down some serious roots and raise children, we both agree that the U.S. is the right place for us to do that. We want to build the house in a German, half timbered style but combine it with a newer, more “American” structure/layout. In Germany the houses tend to be simply square/rectangular in shape, and the rooms are usually smaller and closed off opposed to large “American” open floorplans. We think this is a beautiful blend of our two backgrounds.
Very open floorplan. Change: lighter wood rafters, lighter walls, brighter color furniture. 
Add: Exposed brick on one or two walls and on pillars.
I’m including this picture because it shows the kind of open floor plan that I love so much. I would very much like the entire downstairs to be a free flowing space. Personally I don’t need it to be quite this large, unless we somehow end up with two sets of triplets. Knock on wood. I would love to have lighter hardwood floors with a light airy paint color, and bright furniture that makes a statement and brings color into the room.
Love it! so bright and cheerful...add: a little more counterspace, exposed (painted) brick backdrop.

I love bright, open kitchens and butcher’s block countertops. The chalkboard paint is a nice touch, too…is it just me or do bloggers like to put chalkboard paint on everything?
wall to wall bookcase in the living room.
Wall to wall bookcase…le sigh. I have a ridiculous amount of books, and Steven and I both share an intense love of reading. I don’t have anywhere near this money but I love the idea of having a reason to start collecting! I would love to have a huge variety of books, from fiction to religious literature. We could save a section here for our movies, too!
Master Bath Bliss
One day, I WILL have a master bathroom that looks like this. This is all I have to say.

We love the idea of having a covered porch where we can sit out on summer nights and eat dinner. Some of my fondest childhood memories involve being at my friend’s house, roasting marshmallows in her large outdoor fireplace. Because of this, I’ve always wanted one in my future home. We also want a big pool with a swim up bar and a waterslide….hah! We can dream, right? The basics of it is this: We always want our house to be filled with people, coming and going, laughing and partying and having a great time. We want to throw fourth of July barbecues in our backyard and invite the whole neighborhood.  We want a home filled with happiness and smiles and a whole lot of love.

It will be years and years and years before these dreams are realized.
But until then, I choose to keep dreaming.

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Cavite Housing said...

this dream house is so cool... i like it too...

Brendan Amorose said...

Same with you, I also love walled bookcases because I’m a book lover who has quite a book collection. You’re lucky that your husband knows how to do carpentry. He can build your dream house as he had promised. Don’t stop dreaming. Someday you will also live in a beautiful house like this. When that day comes, please don’t forget to post pictures of your new house.

Kayce Church said...

I’m sure Steven will keep his promise! I think it is good that you give him some ideas, so he can start building that dream home of yours. Your dream home ideas are nice. Actually, they all look incredible. The kitchen looks immaculate, but what caught my attention is the library. I’m a book lover myself and I want to see my books perfectly stocked on the ground to roof bookshelves!

Javier Bonnell said...

Truth is, you already have the most basic element in constructing a house: the knowledge. Your husband studied carpentry for years; surely, he has the skills to build a house. Get a few more hands to help out and avail the ideal type of mortgage, and your dream house will be yours sooner than you can possibly imagine, Daryl!

Javier Bonnell


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