Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Proposal Story


Here it is, my friends.
The long awaited proposal story. 

      Steven and I had been dating a total of about six months by the time Valentines Day rolled around in 2011. I already knew he was the one for me, and we'd spoken about about marriage enough that it wasn't so much a question of "if" as a question of "when."
Now I will be honest, I was pretty sure I would wake up on February 15th an engaged woman long before the day actually happened, but there was no way I could know for sure. I was going crazy with anticipation and curiosity. When we actually set out for our Valentine's date, I had no idea what was going to happen.

This is the order in which things progressed:
  • We stopped by Reds BBQ, a popular restaurant with the most delicious salads ever. Steven told me to wait in the car, and emerged from the takeout counter a few minutes later with bags full of delicious food. 
  • We drove to the base of one of my hometown's most popular hiking trails, and he told me we were going hiking. I got mad at him because he hadn't told me to wear comfortable clothes and shoes. It turns out, he'd packed my running shoes and a warm jacket for me ahead of time. He's a thoughtful guy, right? 
  • We hiked up to the top of the hill, accidentally taking the steep, difficult way instead of the pretty, scenic way. We made it anyway.
  • Got to the top to eat our delicious BBQ salads. Steven realized he forgot forks and napkins. He got all flustered and fidgety, and I could tell how hard he was trying to get this right. It was adorable. 
  • He started talking about how much he loved me, how he knew I was the girl for him, how I made him so incredibly happy. He told me he had something he'd wanted to give me, and then he pulled out...

    A book.




    Needless to say, I felt kind of let down, but the book he bought me was beautiful and old and I loved it just the same. We finished watching the sunset and then began to make our way down the hill. We had plans to go to a Valentine's Day movie night at our church directly afterward, so at this point I was pretty sure it wasn't happening tonight.

    That is, until we made it to the base of the trail and I saw this waiting for me:

By the time I got over the shock of it, my man was down on one knee and I was nodding my head and crying like some sort of wordless fool. 

That was almost a year ago, now, 
and by far the best descision I ever made.


New York Cliche said...

these pictures are amazing! and youre just the cutest couple: I just read your love story, soooo romantic

College Dating said...

The two of you are such a fabulous couple! I was really inspired by your love story. :') God bless the both of you.


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