Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Love Story, Continued!

I had a bunch of posts planned out to wow you with this week, but unfortunately I forgot my camera at my in-laws after our new years celebration and all of my photos are in it! What a bummer, right? These photos above were taken by Alyx (Or Alyx's camera, it was on a self timer) just outside my in-laws house after midnight. 

So instead of knocking your socks off with the schweet pictures I was planning on sharing, I thought I would share with you another chapter of our Love Story!
If you're new, you can read previous chapters here.

The Love Story, Chapter 6 - Separation

      After that October morning when I read my first love letter, Steven and I spent the next few months extremely happy. He took me on dates, and not just dinner or movie dates. We climbed high ropes courses, explored old ruins, had dinner in a castle. I was head over heels for the first time in my life and it felt amazing. However as December grew increasingly closer, we knew something would eventually have to change. You see, my contract with the family I nannied for expired in December and I was set to return home. When Steven and I first started dating, neither of us expected to see the other past the end of the year, but the more time we spent together the more we realized this was no little fling.

And so we made a decision. I would return home at the beginning of December. Steven would come visit me in the U.S for two weeks over winter vacation. Then we would do long distance when he finished school and we would see where it went. Even though I knew I'd see him again in a matter of weeks, saying goodbye to him at the airport was extremely difficult. I think it was because I knew that the next time I saw him it would be even more difficult to say goodbye again.
Let's fast forward a bit.

Steven flew in from Frankfurt to Salt Lake City the day after Christmas. I live in SoCal but was spending Christmas with family in Utah at the time. We had an incredible holiday spending time with friends and family. Steven won the hearts of all my family members within minutes, and with each day I fell more and more in love. 

Park City, Utah. December, 2010

By the time the two weeks were up, Steven and I both knew we didn't want to do long distance, and the love of my life made the choice to turn his two week stay into a stay of three months, until his tourist visa ran out. 

Santa Monica, California. January, 2011.

During this time I went to school full time at a local college and worked as an assistant in a law firm. Steven did manual labor for my grandparents, transforming their backyard into the gorgeous space that would eventually serve as the scene for our wedding...

Stay tuned!

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College Dating said...

The two of you are such a fabulous couple! I was really inspired by your love story. :') God bless the both of you.


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