Monday, January 23, 2012

Food For Giants (Weekend Update!

Oh hey,
I drank that whole thing, in case you were wondering.
It's Ginger Ale, by the way.
Pretty sure I'm still on a sugar high, three days later.
I'm pretty sure the people at the table across from us thought it was beer, 
which would explain their baffled looks as I drank and drank and stayed my cute little sober self.

To celebrate my wonderful husband's 24th Birthday,
We and our 20 closest friends and family members headed on over to Waldgeist,
a restaurant in Hofheim where the food (and drink, quite obviously) are served in epic proportions.

The American that I am,
seeing all of these ginormous portions was nothing short of amazing.
And despite the fact that we all left feeling as though we were about to keel over and die,
I still stand by my firm approval of this institution.

By the way, schnitzel is the food of the gods.
I am going to go run twenty miles now. 
Except not really. Running is for healthy people.

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