Monday, January 16, 2012

Adorable Hair Fascinator Tutorial & A GIVEAWAY!!!

Hey gorgeous readers, 
I am so pumped to introduce you to my dear friend Bethany today. She's been my big sister figure and friend for years and lives a beautiful life in wonderful southern California with her sweet husband, sassy toddler, and two awesome dogs. Bethany is quite the crafty girl - in addition to making my bridal veil for me, she also handcrafted all of the bridesmaid's belts and accessories. She's here today to teach you how to make a fabulous hair accessory of your own, and one of you awesome readers will receive one of her gorgeous handmade creations. For those of you like me who are sewing-intolerant, this can be made with a sewing machine OR glue! I'm totes busting out my hot glue gun for this.

Hi beautiful people! I'm Bethany from Lil' Bit & Nan. Daryl is my amazing friend from back home in the States. She has asked me to host a tutorial and share my fun talents with you. Not only am I sharing a tutorial, but I am also presenting a giveaway! YA!!!!!!! (that's what I picture all of you saying out loud as you read this....)

I am going to show all of you lovelies how to make your own fascinator, and one lucky reader will win a unique fascinator made by moi. 

First you will need your supplies: 
hot glue gun and glue sticks,
fabric of choice measuring 4in by 20in, 
safety pin, 
alligator clip, 
trimmings like ribbon or lace, 
and a decorative button or jewel.
(psst, I also used a sewing machine, but you don't have to - the glue gun and glue sticks will suffice)

Step 1: Take your long strip of fabric, fold it in half length wise and sew or glue it down.

Step 2: Take your safety pin to one open end of your folded fabric, pin it to the top and scrunch your safety pin through your fabric until you can pull it out the other open end.

Step 3: Lay your fabric flat, seam side down. Now here is the tricky part. Fold your fabric back and forth, like an accordion, but not with equal folds. Like a zig - zag motion or a wave. However you prefer, because this is your unique fascinator.

Step 4: Pin it down to keep it in place, then glue it down how you like it. glue the ends down too so you don't see the seams/open edges.

Step 5: Glue on your decorative jewels, buttons, trims, or lace however you please. I chose these pieces because I knew I would wear it often.

Step 6: Now cut off 2 extra pieces of fabric, one the length of the top of your alligator clip, and the other the length of the inside bottom piece of the alligator clip. Make sure not to glue your clip shut as you glue on your fabric to the clip. One on top, the other on the inside.

Step 7: Glue the top of your clip to the bottom of your fascinator. Practice how you are going to wear it and how your want the clip situated in your hair before the actual gluing part.

Step 8: Wear it proudly! This is your creation!

Now for the super fun part! I'll give your attention back to Daryl, so she can tell you more about the giveaway and how to enter. Thanks for having me!

One lucky winner will receive this handmade cameo & lace fascinator from my dear friend Bethany! Here's how to enter:


1. Be a follower of Roots, Wings, and Other Things via GFC
2. Be a follower of Lil' Bit & Nan via GFC

Additional Entries:

1. Like Lil' Bit & Nan on Facebook.

Leave a seperate comment here for each thing you do!
A winner will be selected randomly on Friday, January 27th.

Happy Monday!

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