Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Thank You, Husband.

There are days I am glad I married this man, 
and then there are days I am really, really, truly, on-my-knees-thanking-the-Lord glad I married this man. 

Today, it seems, is the latter. 

This past month I have been dealing with being sick, I didn't think it was anything major but as you may have noticed from various blog posts my throat has been hurting on and off for quite some time.
Well, yesterday it got really bad.
I woke up in the middle of the night with my throat so swollen I couldn't breathe
Not being able to breathe sent me into panic attack mode  and I woke my husband up, completely hysterical.
He took such good care of me.

This man remained completely calm as he ran the shower in the bathroom so I could breathe in the steam,
held me tight and rubbed my back and said nice things to help me calm down,
and after I was no longer completely freaking out, he bundled me up (at three in the morning, mind you) and took me outside so I could breathe in some fresh air.
He stayed up with me until five AM until he was sure I would be okay,
and when I finally convinced him that he should get at least an hour or two of sleep before he had to leave for work the next day, he pulled up the episodes of Psych I hadn't watched yet on his computer for me to watch until I, too, could fall asleep.

Despite the fact that I robbed him of any sort of refreshing night's rest, Steven woke me up at 7:30 AM, bundled me up again, and took me to the doctor's office.
I HATE the doctor's office,
and the American in me is completely convinced that unless I've broken/sprained something or seem to be completely dying, I should not go to the doctor.
Germans have a different way of thinking, due to socialist medicine and all of that good stuff.
They LOVE the doctor.
My German made me go and I am SO glad he did,
for it turns out my "sore throat" is actually infected breathing pipes, and could have gotten really bad had I not gotten antibiotics.

So yes.
I am now totally drugged up on painkillers,
taking the proper medicine,
and according the nice doctor man I should be fine by Christmas.

I am SO grateful for my husband and all that he does.
Because of him I live every day of my life feeling loved, wanted, understood
and safe.

There is nothing else on this earth I could possibly ask for.

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riana. said...

Wow. He sounds amazing. :)


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