Thursday, December 15, 2011

Silly Little Problems.

This really has not been too great a week for the hubs and I.

In this week alone:
I lost the voucher I needed to refill my pay-as-you-go phone with money
My computer broke
The other computer I was using as a substitute got an evil German virus. No really, evil.
Steven lost a bunch of cash we'd gotten from some friends just because he forgot to put it in his wallet
Steven had to get a root canal, 
and my sore throat is back.

On top of this, I feel as though I've been in a serious "blogging" slump lately.
You've been there, right?
The inspiration is just not flowing the way that it should.
It occured to me that this could be a result of me pretending to be my normal happy self, when in reality I've got a serious case of the slumps.

But just now, as I write this, I'm realizing how trivial my problems truly are.
As I'm writing out the things that are wrong with my life right now, thoughts such as these come to my head:

We may have lost money this week, but we still have enough to survive and be happy
We have amazing families who love us dearly. 
We have enough food to eat.
We live in an amazing world and we're given the opportunity to explore it on a regular basis. 
We have the best friends, no matter how far away from us they may be.
We have eachother. 

What else do you really need?

Just because our lives aren't perfect doesn't mean they're not amazing.
I must learn to forgive myself for the little mistakes I make, 
and appreciate my day's little triumphs instead.

Because happiness comes from learning to appreciate the things you have, not from trying to get the things that you don't. 

For the rest of my life, I hope this simple truth stays with me.

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