Thursday, December 1, 2011

New Month….New Series! Be Excited!


Home for the Holidays

Hello my blogger friends!
I have a big announcement to make
but first…some good news! I’m not sick anymore! My throat still hurts, but my fabulous husband bought me these magical cough drops that pretty much numb everything they touch, so I’m not bothered by it anymore. Yes, not having a sore throat is worth not being able to feel my tongue.

And now for the announcement! My very good friend Alyx (from Every Day is a New Adventure) and I have plotted and schemed and have produced an idea for an amazing new series for you readers to enjoy, and we’re teaming up to bring it to you. I’ll leave most of the information a surprise, but be sure to stop back on BOTH of our blogs this coming Tuesday for the first installment. 

In other news: It’s December!

              I’ve prepared a list of things that have me dancing (literally) because I’m so dang stoked.

  • This weekend we’re spending the weekend with Steven’s family. Since many of my in-laws will be spending Christmas with their in-laws, the whole family is getting together this weekend for a Christmas/Thanksgiving/general family awesomeness gathering.
  • Next weekend we’ll be drinking hot drinks and perusing the largest Christmas Market in Europe…in Strasbourg, France!
  • The following weekend we’re headed up to DENMARK where we’ll be spending Christmas with Steven’s family!
  • Hopefully I’ll be able to further decorate the apartment (and our little tree!) without spending too much money. 
  • Christmas treats. Enough said.
  • ADVENT CALENDARS. They take them very seriously in Germany. Today, December 1st, is the first day Steven and I get to open a little door in our giant, Lindt chocholate, heart-shaped, bigger-than-my-whole-torso advent calendars. This is a big deal people. A big deal.


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