Thursday, December 8, 2011

Home For The Holidays: Christmas in Italy!

Welcome back everyone for the second installment of Home From The Holidays! Today I am so excited to introduce you Marissa from The Boot. If you haven't checked out her blog yet I highly suggest you do! Today on my blog, Marissa will be sharing with us some wonderful Italian holiday traditions that take place on December 8th - today, in case you were wondering! Be sure to visit Alyx's blog as soon as you're done reading, where you'll find Marissa once again, sharing a delicious Italian christmas recipe!

Hi everyone! I’m Marissa and I’m coming to you live from sunny Barletta, Italy and I’m so happy to be here today tell you about one of my favorite holiday traditions here!
Christmas is so important in Italy (the Pope probably has something to do with that) and there are tons of events and little holidays that I never knew about before coming here.
 For example: Today, December 8th, is a national holiday! 
It is the day where the Virgin Mary was told by an angel that she was pregnant with Jesus.
 Italians, or at least the people here in Barletta, celebrate by eating lots of filled fried dough balls (glorious)
and by playing card games until the wee hours of the morning! A fabulous celebration, if you ask me. Everyone has already started saving up their coins for the games and I have my secret stash ready.

First, we gather up all of our friends at someone’s house. There is usually panettone (a vanilla sponge cake) walnuts to crack open
and, of course, the fried dough balls.

 You eat and play card games and everyone screams and laughs and gets excited when they win. It’s so completely Italian and hilarious! 
It makes you wonder, “What does this have to do with Jesus?”
And then you realize, it is the essence of the 
holiday spirit.
Bringing people together with good food and cheer.

Happy Immacolata everyone! and I hope you have a wonderful holiday

Now, go find out what Recipe Marissa has in store for you on  Alyx's blog

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marissa at the boot said...

thanks for having me daryl! happy holidays! :)


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