Thursday, November 17, 2011

That One Time I was in a Fashion Show

I was looking through old photos
and I stumbled upon a couple from this last spring, when I was able to walk in a fashion show for Cotton, Inc.
It was pretty rad.
Although I never actually got to see photos from the show. Silly showbiz.
I do have these backstage snapshots:

It was a lot of fun and kind of chaotic
running around for fashion changes and what not. 
They murdered the heck out of my hair.
Just murdered it. Laughing maniacally while doing so. Except they didn't really laugh maniacally.
But it did look fab, in a freaky sort of way, thanks to the ladies at P!ay Hair Lounge and Brig Van Osten.
I was really grateful to have such an experience; I met some great people and had a lot of fun!


New York Cliche said...

ha, nice model shots. what a great experience, little jealous I am :)

riana. said...

That's sooo awesome, how did that awesome opportunity present itself?

you look amazing.


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