Tuesday, November 1, 2011

New Adventures with New Friends!

 The Look:
Skirt - handmade by my mother for a '50's party. 
Pants (under the skirt) - Promod
Socks - Husband's. Boots - German Shoe Store (Name Forgotten)
Sweater - Husband's (shrunk in the wash.) Peter Pan Collared Shirt - Urban Outfitters
Necklace + Bracelet - Antique Store in Greece

So everyone.
Over the weekend I met a “Blog Friend” in real life.
I know. There are others like me! How exciting is this?
The Best Part: She only lives about 40 minutes outside of Frankfurt.
We were able to meet each other at Church this past Sunday, and we (us and our hubbies) got along really well.
Hooray for new friends!

So sometime around 10PM on Sunday Night we made plans to go on a day trip to Mainz the following morning. Steven had to work (sad day) but Alyx, Mike (her man) and I were free to go explore the amazing country in which we live!
And boy. We had a good time.

Mainz Cemetary

We got lost at first and headed on a bus in the wrong direction. We didn’t mind, though, because we wound up at this really cool cemetery.

Mainz Cemetary Moss Kopie

A welcome detour, but a detour nonetheless. We made our way back to the old town.

Mainz Street

Mainz Old Town

Mainz Street 3
Mainz Street 2

Alex and Mike have a similar camera to mine, and we kept passing the cameras around between us.
We had quite a bit of fun taking pictures of each other:

Isn’t she beautiful??

Mainz Dom

The highlight of the trip was definitely exploring the big, beautiful church at the center of the city. It was hauntingly lovely. We probably spent an hour inside!

Mainz Krypt 2

In the church’s crypts. Appropriate for Halloween, no?

Mainz Krypt Kopie

Mainz Cathedral Krypt 1

Cathedral Krypt

I had so much fun with my super talented, creative new friends. It was a great day: the weather was absolutely perfect and so was the town. I will leave you with a photo of my lunch yesterday…it was outstanding, and reminded me of my homeland!

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