Monday, November 21, 2011

Finding Inspiration

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Deepest apologies for going utterly and completely MIA. 
The past several days I had been feeling rather uninspired. 
A classic case of being stuck in the same old, same old. 
It didn't help that I had a big paper to finish, which I submitted at the very last second of the last minute that it was due. 
Ba da bing, ba da boom. 

So I was taking a little "Me" time, doing things that usually help me to feel inspired. 
I played a little guitar, before giving up because of my aching fingers. 
I read a book that's been neglected as of late. It was a joyous reunion. 
There was also quite a bit of daydreaming and planning for our upcoming trip to the south of France.

I know I'm not alone in this. Raise your hand (or, you know, leave a comment) if you've ever experienced those blah days, or weeks, or months. How did you get inspired again? 
Please share your tips, your tricks, your advice. It would be much appreciated! 

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