Monday, October 3, 2011

Weekend Update: Open Air Markets, General Conference, and the Occasional Transvestite


On Saturday, I went with Errissa into Downtown Frankfurt to do some shopping. We stumbled upon this fabulous open air market at Konstablerwache and proceeded to feast on bratwurst, crepes, and fresh juices made from locally grown fruits and berries. We bought bundles of deliciously crisp grapes...which I'm currently snacking on right now!

I bought a dress. It's Tweed. I know that giant question marks are forming above your head at this moment. But trust me...It's a good look. Fits like a glove. Schoolteacher chic, if you feel me.  I'll be wearing it on the 12th, when Steven and I go to an event that I'm pretty dang excited about. More on that later! 

I found a pair of white flats that are an exact replica of ones I already own (my FAVORITE pair of shoes) only they are a whole lot less destroyed. The best part? 5 euros. Heck yes. 

Errissa and I got a snack and drinks at our McLaren's (AKA Nachtleben.) They're open during the day, too, and have a super cute outdoor cafe.  The most interesting part? Our waiter (waitress?) was a drag queen. Not even kidding. 

I was able to watch General Conference, and was seriously inspired by all of the incredible words spoken. Can Uchtdorf Speak, or what? Love that man. Also, for you Mormon readers out there, when President Monson talked about his experiences in the Frankfurt Temple and mentioned "Porthstrasse," he was talking about the building where Steven and I attend Church every week. Pretty Cool! 

I was able to spend Sunday afternoon with Steven's (MY) family. We all brought food to the church building and had a potluck of sorts. It was so wonderful to spend that time together. 

Steven made us a delicious snack of toast, brie cheese, cucumber, and various marmalades.
You go, honey! 


I got an email from my Philosophy professor telling me I received a B- on my paper...the paper I had literally spent all week writing. This seriously bummed me out.

10 minutes after receiving said email, I received ANOTHER email from my professor, apologizing and letting me know that he had graded another student's paper instead of mine. I had to wait several more hours to find out that I actually got an A. So This is a highlight and a lowlight, I guess. 

The weekend was so jam packed full of activities that my school work, house work, and other work got neglected. Which is okay, because I love my days being jam packed with awesome activities. However, I am subsequently overwhelmed with a whole heck of a lot to do. 

Despite being surrounded by awesome people and awesome things, I find myself in a bit of a creative slump. What do you do to stay inspired?? 

And that's my weekend everybody! Overall a very positive experience!
How was your weekend?

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