Monday, October 10, 2011

Weekend Update: Birthday Celebrations!

The Look: 
Dress: H&M. Bomber Jacket: Kohls. Corset Belt: Anthropologie. 
Tights: Some Nondescript Drugstore. Boots: FourStar.
 Pendant: Thrifted. Bracelets: Thrifted. Purse: Promod

My Birthday Weekend, In Review. 

So as I stated in earlier posts, I knew that my wonderful husband had something planned for me on Saturday, but I wasn't sure what. I didn't want to let my imagination run away with me to run the risk of being disappointed, so I decided to approach the day with low expectations.
Well. Let me tell you.
My man delivered. 
The day went a little like this:
Steven and I slept in on Saturday, and I was able to relax and read a book while my husband cooked me breakfast - Banana pancakes! It was a perfect lazy morning and a good start to the day.
Just a little after noon, we took the street train into downtown Frankfurt. Steven wouldn't tell me where we were going or even what stop we were getting off at.
We eventually exited the train and walked for a bit along the city streets, the skyscrapers towering over us. I love living in a big city. I was confused and surprised when Steven said "We're here," and all I saw around us were tall buildings. Well, one of those tall buildings was a posh hotel with a spa inside.
Oh yes. 
Steven surprised me with 4 hours in a fabulous day spa, equipped with full body massages, steamroom, sauna, and all of the relaxation and bliss that accompany them.
Steven and I finished off the night with incredible Italian food and a trip to the movies.
Boy was I a happy camper.

And then, that brings us to my birthday!
Steven woke me up at the sinfully early hour of 6:30 AM to sing to me.
I tried to punch him, but I was too tired and clumsy and missed.
I stopped being angry at him when he gave me a present.


*cue angels singing.*
A canon eos 1000d.
AKA: a perfect camera for a beginner like lil' ol' me. 
as well as my new obsession.
Have I mentioned I LOVE my husband?!

Steven and I then drove up to Altenkirchen, the tiny village where Steven's parents and sisters live. It was so great to spend the day with family, and I was given lots of opportunities to play around with the new camera.

My Lovely Sister-in-law, Janine! 

A Flower From Their Garden. 

Isn't my man dashing??  

I am so grateful for all of the friends and family who made my day so grand. My heart is so full!

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