Thursday, October 13, 2011

Wednesday Nights are Not Usually This Awesome

The Loom Braid - Tutorial Here.

The Look:
The tweed dress, sweater, belt, and necklace are all from H&M.
The shoes are from FourStar. 
The mirror is from being home alone with no one to take my picha. 

Have you ever had one of those amazing nights
a night that, upon reflecting back on it, you're still giddy with warmth and happiness and excitement?
Yesterday evening was such a night, my friends.


But first, a little back story:

Once upon a time, two or so years ago, I happened upon a video on Facebook of an artist I hadn't heard of before, Ian Axel. Upon following the video from facebook to his website, I saw it posted that he was playing in Los Angeles that night, and that night only. I called my friend, having no other plans, and we made our way into Los Angeles to go see a show. We were in for a treat: not only did we see Ian play, but we were introduced to two other incredible artists that night as well: Katie Costello and Greg Holden

All three of these artists have completely different sounds, each unique and beautiful and just plain wonderful. 

And so it was. From then on, whenever any of these artists made their way back to California, we made a point to go and see them. Seeing them perform with other artists introduced us to more and more fabulous independent musicians.

Which brings us back to the present.
I was SO STOKED to hear that Greg and Katie had announced a European tour. Originally they were only scheduled to play in northern Germany and England, so my husband and I decided to plan a trip to combine sight-seeing and their show in one. Well, after going over our finances we decided that we'd be pushing it to plan a trip now, considering other trips we have already planned and other recent expenses. I was so bummed that I wouldn't be able to see Greg and Katie play! As if an answer to my cry, only a day or two after we'd decided against our travels, the two announced a Frankfurt show!


*angels singing.* 

Greg Holden and Katie Costello played at The Tree House, a popup venue at the top of a skyscraper in downtown Frankfurt.
By popup venue I mean it travels, only staying in one city for about a month.
It is a sexy place. That's the only word I can use to describe it. 

The inside of the restaurant had a tree house vibe to it, hence the name. The decorations were eclectic and yet incredibly sophisticated. I loved the floor - a sort of cork/wood that really looked like the kind of floor you would see in a homemade tree house with various oriental rugs laying overtop. 

The food at the restaurant looked amazing, but there were only specific four or five course meals and no a la carte options, so we decided against it. However, the bar served delicious and really attractive sushi! It was so fun to be able to sit at the bar during the performance and snack on edamame. 

So, now we get to the good part! Katie Costello played first. Her voice is among the most unique I've ever heard, and her new album is just spectacular. I really recommend looking her up! Funny enough, during her performance Greg came up and stood right next to me at the bar. He remembered me from previous shows and was so friendly, Steven, Greg and I ended up talking for quite a long time, and the conversation continued with Katie after the show was out. They are both SUCH nice people and we had such a good time! 

Aren't they such beautiful people?! 

It started to lightly rain during the show, so afterward Steven and I had the rooftop terrace almost all to ourselves. We don't mind a few rain drops! 

How amazing is this? We felt like we were on top of the world!

It was definitely a beautiful, fun, entertaining, romantic night to remember! 

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