Sunday, October 9, 2011

Living in Europe: Megan from Across the Pond!

Big announcement everybody!

It's my Birthday!
now making me the ripe old age of...
Yeah. My young-ness (TOTALLY a word, guys) is still vastly overwhelming.  Ah well.

So I'm currently hanging out, about an hour north of Frankfurt, with my fabulous new family in a tiny little German village where there are certainly more cows and horses than there are humans.  I seriously love it up here, it is so peaceful and beautiful and the people in this family are seriously some of the coolest people I've ever met. Subsequently, I've asked my good friend Megan to guest post here today.
We met over the world wide web, just a week or so after I'd created this blog.
She's pretty much the coolest person ever.
And almost immediately after introduction, we found out that we lived only a few minutes drive from each other back in Southern California, and yet both find ourselves living in Europe with super sexy men at our sides. Men who have accents. It's pretty fabulous.

Auf Wiedersehen, blog world! Gonna go blow out my candles.


Hey root wingers and other thingers.
I am Megan from Across The Pond.

that giant knit is just one sign that I am no longer living in Southern California.

I was born and raised in Los Angeles,
and a little over a year ago I packed up my life..
in suitcases that weighed more then me,
and moved to England to do my Masters Degree.
After I finished,
I decided to stay in the UK and moved to Scotland.
Which is where I am now.
Shortly after I moved here I "met" Daryl.
and when she contacted me I thought she was a guy..

and I was all "wow, a guy who has a blog where he talks about domestic duties.."

You can imagine my utter embarrassment when Daryl wrote me back and filled me in on her true gender.
cue utter embarrassment.
I think it's made us closer.
right Daryl?

Being that we are both Americans living in Europe,
I thought id share my very first impressions of living abroad.

1. eff its freaking cold
2. I have to walk to the university?!
3. I have to walk to the university in the cold?!
4. How do I take the bus?
6. so this is public transportation...
7. I need a car
8. i need a car that drives on the correct side of the road, and is automatic.
9. I need to stop complaining about walking or I'm going to get punched in the face
10. why is the sun setting at 3pm in November?
11. why is winter 6 months long?
12. oh thank god its spring, now i can leave the house.
13. I like this Irish boy...
14. I think I'm going to date this Irish boy..
15. These people are a lot smarter then me
16. this food is absolutely awful
17. where the tacos at?
18. no tacos?
19. I'm still cold.
20. I really like Scottish and Irish people.
21. Oh, you cant drive to Ireland? Its surrounded by water? you don't say...
22. Oh, the UK is England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales? *hangs head in shame*
23. Alright, i think ill stay another year or two.

and scene.

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