Saturday, September 17, 2011

Weekend Update: What Foodies do at Carnivals.

German Carnival Sweets.

Yesterday was a fun day.
A REALLY fun day. Night. Thing.
I haven't consumed so much food in one short period of time since my best friend and I stayed up all night in a cabin in Big Bear. (More on that one later!)

Why did I eat so much, you ask? 
The dippemess was in town. AKA the county fair of Frankfurt am Main.
We were there from 8 till 12 and didn't go on a single ride...we just ate and ate and ate some more.
Bliss I tell you.
Sweet, Salty, Greasy Bliss. 

My friend Errissa and I. Bein' Sly.  Note the German biergarten*  behind us. 

After arriving at the fair, we started off with some German Bratwurst. Because, you know, we wouldn't feel right about consuming so many sweets without a nutritious meal first.  This is no ordinary hotdog...they take their sausage very seriously in these parts. And hot dog buns? Not a chance. They're served on delicious brotchen...fresh German rolls!

My new friend Kim and a whole lot of chocolate!

We immediately followed our super healthy dinner with a delicious selection of chocolate covered fruit! Gosh I love this stuff. Strawberries and bananas on sticks, coated in milky chocolate that isn't too soft or too hard!

Too bad this isn't real...THAT would be fun. 

After eating our delicious chocolate covered fruit we decided it would be a sin to stop eating now, considering there were so many different types of cuisine so readily available. The world was at our fingertips! I was actually shocked at how many options there were...traditional German food? Cheese? An entire booth/stand devoted to different kinds of cooked mushrooms? It was dang near overwhelming. Luckily we had giant chocolate covered marshmallow's to settle our nerves (Hard to see, but pictured above!) 

We took a break from the sweets with some good old fashioned Pommes Frites**. We had the choice of about 15 different sauces but I decided to stick with the traditional German mayo. (When I first came to Germany I thought Mayonnaise with french fries was sooo strange...but it's actually pretty dang good!)

We couldn't leave out the giant rope candy! Mine was strawberry flavored.

Carnivals make us excited, apparently. 

This was such a fun night, spent laughing and talking and eating and eating and eating. We were shocked when the clock struck midnight and the fair began to close...We hadn't gotten around to a single ride yet! Not wanting the night to end, we took the street train to Nachtleben. We didn't go downstairs to the dance club this time, instead choosing to stay in the lounge above and continue to relax and hang out. 

In Nachtleben. 

And tell me, my friends, what's an end to a night without some yummy heisseschocholade?***

Yum. Yum Yum. 

One also can't forget the random dancing. It's a requirement of any truly fun night out, did you know?
Sorry Errissa! xD

What did you do this weekend?

* Beer Garden
** French Fries
*** Hot Chocholate


Megan @ Meg's Craft Creations said...

Oh my heck i'm so jeaous of all those tastey treats! Looks like a blast!

Emma Frances said...

All of this sounds amazing!! :) Looks like so much fun! I have actually never been to a carnival before...sad story!

Gentri said...

Oh my, how fun is this?! Seriously. I am kinda jealous. :)

withoutizy said...

so much delicious food. i think we'd be dangerous together.

hayley.jay said...

I loved the German carnivals! Gosh I miss it so much!

Stevie Leigh said...

Looks like fun! Great blog :)

Mrs. Ham said...

lovely photos!


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