Sunday, September 25, 2011

Weekend Update: Sushi, Ice Cream, and Mocktails

Blazer: H&M. Top: Zara. Pants: Mango. Bag: Promod. Bracelets: Thrifted. Necklace: H&M

We had a blast this weekend! 
Steven and I took the street train into downtown Frankfurt (about a 15 minute ride) on Saturday night to meet some friends for Sushi. By the way, did I mention I LOVE sushi? Steven and I both tried it for the first time in California and were skeptical at first...well, it was just as good the second time around!

I was a terrible blogger and did not take a picture of my sushi. I know. I have to work on this. My friend Errissa invited some people she knew to eat with us and we all had a really good time! I was really happy to make some new friends.

After sushi, we went out for ice cream in the Frankfurt Old Town. It was surprisingly warm for late September and I beaming from ear to ear as we made our way down the cobble stone streets, caught up in how absolutely stunning the night was. I couldn't help but thing about how lucky I am: how many people get to sit and eat delicious ice cream with a view of a gorgeous church built in the year 1290?!

Yes, they take their ice cream very seriously in Deutschland. Yes, I ate that whole thing.

After Ice Cream we parted ways with our new friends, and Steven, Errissa and I decided to head back over to Nachtleben for some drinks before heading home. This is my third time mentioning Nactleben in Weekend  Updates, in case you're counting. Errissa, the hubs and I have now decided that this little lounge/underground club is our McLaren's. (Name that show! Anyone? Anyone?) 

It works for us, this place. It's not too loud, not too crowded (but crowded enough!), reasonably priced, and located DIRECTLY next to both the subway entrance and the "night bus" terminal. We dig it. 

Walking along the Zeil, or giant outdoor shopping street heavily populated with cool restaurants and bars.

I love my life, my friends, my husband, and the city I live in! 
Another fun weekend :) 

P.S. I managed to snag a REALLY sneaky picture from quite far away (hence the grainyness) of a man in a kilt, riding an ATV. In this photo it is parked right outside of Nachtleben...I guess he needed to stop for a drink! Oh, the funny people in the world. 

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