Tuesday, September 20, 2011

We Encourage: Counting Your Blessings

      The past couple of weeks have been a little hard. Homesickness has been coming in waves - sometimes subtle ones and sometimes waves of the knock-the-wind-out-of-you variety. With the fall season upon us, my mind constantly goes back to those American Autumn traditions I know I'll be missing out on. Hearing about my friend's adventures in America doesn't help much either. I wasn't homesick all the time, far from it, but when it did come it hit me hard.

Lately, however, I've been blessed with little reminders of how wonderful my life is. I'd like to share an example with you from this morning: Steven and I had to wake up early so we could go to the buergeramt (government building) and get some paperwork for my German visa. It was a cool, crisp morning and sleep was still hanging heavily in my eyes as we drove there. We got the papers we needed and made our way back to the car, only to see a collection of tents and trucks set up in a nearby parking lot. Right there, on a random Tuesday morning, was a beautiful little farmer's market.

    Stands were set up selling festive Autumn wreaths, fresh fall produce, and it absolutely wouldn't be Germany if there weren't five or six different trucks selling different variations of German sausages. The smell of fresh baked rolls and cinnamon floated through the air as Steven and I wandered through the makeshift alleyways the rows of stands had created. We stopped at one of the stands and bought fresh brezel-brötchen (Pretzel rolls). In Germany a common breakfast is a fresh roll sliced open with different varieties of meats and cheeses inside, eaten like a sandwich. Our rolls were served with brie cheese and tomato...absolutely delicious! Even though we both had work and a ton of things to do that day, Steven and I found a seat at a table, ordered some hot chocholate and had a wonderful breakfast together.

I look back on it now as a wonferful, perfect memory of a spontaneous morning spent with the love of my life.
I am so lucky to have mornings like that.

I am living in a beautiful place. It is a place of life and vibrance and culture. It is a place full of history and interesting people and random farmer's markets on Tuesday mornings.  I am blessed to live here, and one will never hear me complain about it again. (Unless I'm complaining about the lack of Doctor Pepper, or authentic Mexican food.)

I am so blessed.
So blessed to be living here with a man who exactly one year ago today asked me to be his girlfriend.
A man who now, a year later, calls me his wife.
A man I love more than the world.

Am I getting mushy enough yet?



hayley.jay said...

i love realizing and enjoying the little things :)

Emma Frances said...

Wow. What a fun memory! And that is a gorgeous farmer's market. Confession: I have actually never been to a farmer's market. I must go. :]

Ashley said...

I love these moments. The ones that creep up, out of nowhere, and remind you that life really isn't that bad. :]

Gentri said...

Aw! This is so fun to read! What a beautiful memory!

Liz said...

Loved this post! Always important to remember how blessed we are!

withoutizy said...

At the moment I'm big on acknowledging and accepting how I feel. I'm allowed to miss home; there's so much I love about it and the people the people there, that there is no surprise that (often) I miss it.

However, I think it's important to be in the moment and to be grateful. Life has both it's magic and it's darkness, and I think for us especially we've been blessed in the magic department. We have so many options not available to the m-a-j-o-r-i-t-y of the world.

Anyway. I say miss home as much as you do. It's fine. Missing something just means you've had something amazing. When you look it like that, it's not so bad or surprising! xx

Heather said...

awww girl... i'm so sorry to hear about the homesickness... i 100% understand. it's really, really hard. thinking of you!

San said...

Ah, this is what it's all about... cherish those moments and know that you're living a life others would just dream off! Of course, being far away from home is tough sometimes (I can relate), but in the end you're creating memories for a lifetime!


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