Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My White Shoes

I love my white shoes.
Little vintage flats I've had FOREVER.
This picture was taken when they were in much better shape.

No, they're not dirty. They're just loved.

Do you know what the nice thing is about Germany? It's German.  No labor day. No rule limiting my choice in footwear. Ha!  Subsequently, I'm wearing my white shoes and I am pretty dang happy about it.

My white shoes and I wish you a very happy Autumn! 


withoutizy said...


I am aching to go shopping! i feel like I need to cleanse myself of all the crazy Asian clothes I bought and get some seriously cute European stuff. Plus I kind of want to impress this european beau. I know i don't need clothes to do that, but they help. Also there's a 1 foot and 2 inch height difference between us, so I think I'm gonna have to get some cute tall boots. and I'm going to have to learn how to navigate the cobblestone streets of prague in them.

Are there many op shops in Germany?

Daryl said...

I had to google "op shop" to figure out what it was :) but now knowing that it is what americans would call a thrift store, I have to, there aren't
:( I found one thrift store and one antique/junk store in frankfurt, but it's nothing like in the states.

lame, right?

But there IS good shopping, even if it's not bargain. I heard that prague is really inexpensive though!

Emma Frances said...

Haha. I never understood that Labor Day rule. I do love your white shoes though! :)

Megan said...

heck yea!!!! i love that about europe...anything really does GO. no stupid old people rules and myths on fashion haha!!!

norway is a bit conformed in the fashion world, but i realized they appreciate an individual when they see one!

hope you're gonna enjoy your weekend <3

Kandice said...

love those shoes! i really like my "loved" pair of white keds. i've had them for years and i love them so. haha

who made up that rule anyway? it's lame.

Erinn said...

I love those shoes! I wish I could pull off the vintage style but I'll just keep admiring those who can :)

I found your blog from mrs. alana's miscellany!

Alana said...

Cute shoes! And I looooove your header. Adorable!

So true about the silly "no white after Labor Day" rule. Just yesterday I was going to wear a white skirt and changed for fear of breaking the stupid rule!

Daryl said...

Let's all band together against this ridiculous fashion rule.

Save a closet. Wear white today!

Jenni Austria Germany said...

these are so cute! yeah, i don't really think about the white labor day no judging here. ps - instagram is only for iphone users, unfortunately. i just used my mom's iphone a lot when i was home. i don't have one in germany, either.


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