Wednesday, September 28, 2011

For the People Who've Been In My Life Forever

I have been thinking a lot about my friends and family back in the states. I guess that's normal, considering I've so very far away and missing the people who love you is a major part of typical "homesickness." I have a fantastic life here in Germany, new friends and a husband who keep me more than happy, but still there's a little best friend shaped hole in my heart since I've moved away from beautiful Southern California. Given these feelings, I've decided to talk today about the people I miss so much. 

My Parents.

In case you haven't noticed, my mom is seriously hot stuff, and a huge inspiration to me in my life. She decided in January she was going to lose some weight and underwent an INCREDIBLE transformation. Seriously, a huge difference between then and now and all I can say is that she is hot hot hot!
My dad is one of the nicest people you will ever meet, the kind of person you can always count on to take care of you. I miss being Daddy's little girl a lot!
My parents are incredible people.

The Little Brother

Stay off the roads, everybody! I have just received word that my little brother is DRIVING. When did that happen? Seriously, one minute he's shooting me in the back of a head with a nerf gun and the next he's all tall and muscular and has good bone structure and a learner's permit. Say what? Connor is just as ridiculous as I am and definitely funnier.
Just as an example:
(Phone Conversation, 2010)
Connor: You're dating a red head?!
Me: Yep.
Connor: What?! Have you KISSED???
Me: Uh...yes?
Connor: Noo! You have Ginger-vitis! Breathmint, Pronto.

Gosh I miss this kid. 

My two brother's and I - Nathan and Connor 

Each so unique and so beautiful!
From left to right: 
Bri, the first friend I made after moving to California. She is equally as loud and crazy as me. Actually, more crazy. Yes. She's downright insane, and my soulmate. 
Sierra, my partner in crime all throughout high school. We went to Europe together last summer, the trip that inspired me to stay on in Europe and meet my husband. We can talk about anything for hours and hours. She also has fabulous taste in...everything, and bakes fabulous pies
Kasey, my super amazing, super artistic, fun-sized best friend. I am exactly a foot taller than her. She is WAY more laid back than I am and is pretty much the essence of the word coolness. She has been skydiving twice, and is good at pretty much any physical activity she chooses to do. It's unfair. 

My Big Sister Figure

Bethany is pretty much the first person I go to for advice. She makes amazing clothes and fashion accessories, and she's really good at it. Her beautiful family and perfect little girl give me hope that one day starting a family won't be so bad after all. 

My Amazing Artistic Friend

Matt is incredibly talented. I actually met Matt when he asked me to model for him in one of his photo-shoots, and we quickly discovered we were similar in a lot of ways. From then on, whether it was photography, guitar, spray painting, or just going to find new food to eat or music to listen to, I could always count on Matt to help keep the inspiration flowing. I miss our random photo adventures SO much! Check out Matt's photography here.

So now you've been introduced to some of the people that I love (not counting my husband or new family, of course!) I miss them all SO much and I'm proud to call them friends and family.

 Seriously, how lucky am I???

While you're here, you should definitely watch this video. It was made by my friends and I in 2010.
We are covering This is the New Year by Ian Axel. 
I'm playing the piano (not too well, listening now!) and my friend Bri and I are singing together. :)
I will not lie, it's sweetness will overwhelm you. 

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