Saturday, September 24, 2011

FALLing in Love...

Guys! Everyone! Listen! It's Important!
I mean, I know the first day of fall was officially yesterday.
BUT when Steven and I went out this morning to go to the grocery really felt like Autumn. 
The air was crisp and cool and refreshing and the ground was already littered with colorful leaves. It will be a few weeks before things get really colorful, but it's enough to get me thinking about warm apple cider and pumpkin patches and all of the amazing things that make this season wonderful.

I mean, October-December is by far the best time of year. Hands down.
October in particular. I will tell you why in this neatly organized list:

  • All of the leaves start to change, making the world a much more gorgeous place.
  • Breast Cancer Awareness Month! 
  • You can find random corn mazes everywhere, which makes for awesome spontaneous activities. 
  • You can go apple picking, and the picking part is more fun than actually eating the apples. 
  • It is German American Heritage Month! 
  • My birthday is in October. 
  • I saw Regina Spektor in concert in October
  • The conditions become perfect for both leaf-raking and leaf jumping. No, you are NEVER too old for leaf jumping. 
  • Steven and I had our first kiss at the very beginning of October. Sitting on a big pile of haybales. In a field. Next to a pumpkin patch. With two German castles visible from where we sat. The sun was setting too. No, I'm not lying. Yes, it was the most romantic thing ever. 
  • October is also the month I told him I loved him, while sitting on a blanket in the middle of a colorful forest. (We were out leaf jumping, FYI) 
And that, my friends, is why October is the best month ever. 

Photos from October, 2010:

Steven surprised me with a romantic picnic in the forest. He's carrying a tray with kinderpunsch, an amazing German drink available from October - January that tastes, quite literally, like liquid Christmas. And joy. And warmth. And other good feelings. 

When we reached the place Steven had picked, I was surprised and elated to see that there was a giant pile of leaves there waiting for us. Steven had gone there ahead of time and raked up a pile for us. (He'd remembered a fond childhood memory I'd shared with him weeks prior about how my brother and I LOVED jumping in fall leaves when we lived in New York.) 

We have pretty mad jumping skills if you ask me. 

So yes, ladies and gents. I am in the midst of my favorite season. I shall not cease to be happy about it, not even when the season is over. Because AFTER fall comes winter, and we all know there's plenty of joy and holiday cheer to keep me happy then.

What's your favorite season?

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